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Primitive Reflex Integration For Professionals 2 hr. Video Course

Primitive Reflex Integration For Professionals 2 hr. Video Course

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By Dr. Robert Melillo and Barbara Boss

This is an extremely comprehensive video training on Primitive Reflex Integration. It is produced for professionals to use in clinics or schools.  It comes with printable handouts and over 2 hours of video training.

Most children who struggle with learning disabilities, behavioral or developmental disorders, and sensory issues have something in common—primitive reflexes that persist after their first year of life. We call these the “troublemakers.”

Specialists have discovered that children and adults who do the exercises to suppress these “troublemakers” often display marked improvements.

  • What are retained primitive reflexes?
  • How do they affect a person?
  • How do I assess primitive reflexes in children and adults?
  • What are the proper exercises to integrate them in children?
  • What are the five levels of exercise for adults?

Each of the above questions are answered in this clear, but informative video course on integrating primitive reflexes through simple exercises.

You will receive a certificate of completion for the two-hour course.


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