The Most Important Pearl to Share

We know your Clients and Patients are Busy

The most important pearls you can give your client about their Primitive Reflex Exercises, is how important consistency and frequency is. Your clients are busy too, so we know how those important send-home exercises are sometimes pushed to the back burner. Having some accountability helps, to make sure they get done. This in turn, contributes to their over all success with you.

Download our Frequency Tracking Chart to keep track of their weekly exercises.


Because the foundation to this method is building neurological connections that become so strong they suppress the Primitive Reflexes. Neurons are built on the same principle as muscle building: The more they are exercised, the bigger and better they grow. No one can build great abs doing a few exercises per month, so with neuron building for cognitive functions. The good news is, that there is some difference between neuron building and muscle building:  If you build strong healthy neurons, they are there for the long haul long after the exercises.